The Ultimate Workout Partners: Your Kids

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The Ultimate Workout Partners: Your Kids

Some exercises to try with your baby or toddler:

l First, warm up. Pick up baby, holding her securely, and march for five minutes.

l Next, sit in a straight-backed chair with the towel rolled under your knees. Set your baby or toddler on your ankles, holding the little one's hands. Keep your back straight, shoulders down and abdominal muscles tight. Straighten your legs to the count of a slow five until they are parallel to the floor. Hold for two beats, then bring your feet back to the floor to the count of five.

l Lay on your back, leaning your sitting baby against your bent knees. Holding the baby firmly with one hand, perform crunches while playing "peek-a-boo" with your child. Keep abdominals tight and crunch upward eight times.

l Position baby face-up on the floor. Place your hands shoulder width apart on either side of baby's face. From knees or toes, perform pushups slowly and deliberately, kissing baby with each rep.

Exercise will:

l Ease your stress to help you be patient with your kids

l Increase your energy level so you can keep up with them

l Let you spend time having fun together